List of NBA Bets to Place on the Upcoming 2023’s Finals

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The National Basketball League (NBA), is one of the popular organizations in the USA. It houses professional basketball players who compete annually to determine the best season team. The 2022-2023 NBA season will start on October 18, where the 76ers will visit the reigning champion, Boston Celtics.

To participate in sports betting, you must prepare as much as the playing teams. It would be best to familiarize yourself with the bets you’re going to place and the teams you’ll be betting on.


One of the most common types of bet placed for NBA games is the Moneyline. It’s the type of wager where bettors will stake on a team they think will outright win the event. This is also the most common bet that a lot of sportsbooks present. If you’re trying out NBA betting, placing money on a Moneyline would be an excellent way to enjoy the game.

To improve your chances of winning Moneyline, you can refer to the NBA odds that sportsbooks post on their sites. Thus, finding a reliable sportsbook that can present the best odds is important, especially if you’re planning to participate in NBA Finals betting.

Point Spread

NBA point spread betting is also a famous wager among fans where sportsbooks allocate a spread line that players need to cover. In other words, point spread is a type of betting that heightens the action in sports betting. If a favorite wins, they must win a lot; if the underdog loses, they must lose a little.

To explain carefully, the sportsbook assigns a set point spread to both playing teams. The favorite is the team that the sportsbook predicts to have a better chance of winning the game. If you bet on the favorite, you can only succeed if they can maintain the point gap that the sportsbook has set. 

The point gap is called the spread in this sense. In other words, they don’t just need to win but also win with a certain score or more.

On the other hand, the underdog is the team that’s regarded as having lower chances of winning over the other team as regarded by the sportsbook. 

If you bet on this team, they must only lose less than the set spread or beat the odds and win over the favorite. In this way, the odds of both teams are even out, and bettors can bet with considerable risks and advantages. 


The total betting is about wagering on the score of both teams. This means that rather than focusing on individual performance or separate activities within the court, the total betting involves wagering on the final total score of the two playing teams.

The totals work with the involvement of the sportsbook. So, the sportsbook will present a total score they have forecasted to be the final combined score. The bettors will then try to guess whether the number they have shown would be bigger than the actual final score or lower. 

Your sportsbook will present a separate odds and betting line for the totals. So, you don’t have to worry about getting confused totals with others.

NBA Props

NBA props betting is an exciting wager where you’ll not have to worry about the game’s outcome. It instead focuses mainly on the other aspects of the game, such as the team’s performance, and is usually regarded as a bet for entertainment purposes. A famous example would be what player scored the most during the game.

Moreover, when betting for NBA props, you should know that it has many types that you can choose from.

  • Team Props. This type of bet is more about the team’s effort during the game. It usually involves betting on what team will be able to score first or who will get X points first. Aside from that, you can expect more fun team props depending on what the sportsbook offers.
  • Player Props. Rather than betting on the whole team, this bet focuses mainly on an individual player’s performance regardless of what team he’s from. It’s usually about betting on the player’s score in total betting. An example would be Will Nikola Jokic score over or under 40.5 points?

Future Betting

As its name suggests, NBA futures are basically about betting on NBA events that’ll likely not occur anytime soon. Future betting presents vast opportunities to its bettor, like wagering on what team will win the NBA Finals or which teams will win their respective divisions. Also, another most common type is who will be the season’s MVP.

Keep in mind that odds often change for futures. Since the betting lines for future betting are usually presented at the beginning of the season, many things can still happen. Thus, it’s also considered that future betting suggests. As a result, betting on futures can also pay out relatively huge amounts of money.

Final Thoughts

In sports betting, choosing a player or a team to bet on is as essential as picking what wagers to place. You need to be strategic and careful. Thus, if you’re participating in the NBA Finals, you must lay your cards right. You can study and analyze the players and teams throughout the season and wager small amounts on different types of bets listed above to practice.

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