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Lions’ Tom Kennedy Pulls Off Trick Play for First TD vs Packers | #OnePride

Written by Nate

The team has been doing those plays all season, so why stop at a few?!

Early in the regular season finale divisional game against the Green Bay Packers, the Detroit Lions had one more trick play up in their sleeves ready to be played live.

The pass play to Kalin Raymond did involve a quarterback, but it was not Jared Goff—it was former pro lacrosse player-turned-NFL wide receiver Tom Kennedy.

Here is what this play was described as via Detroit beat reporter Erik Schlitt:

Hey, as long as this was a touchdown play, sure a lions fans will take it regardless of what happens in the final game.

Through all the fake punts, fourth down calls, and trick plays that happened with Campbell this season, hopefully there will be more plays like this for more seasons to come.

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