Lions & (Tigers) & Bears, Oh My! – RECORD BET

Written by Matt

Pro Sports Extra CEO Trevor Uren (@TrevStoneCEO) his challenging his inner Dave Portnoy. He placed his largest wager ever on his very own Detroit Lions. A $1,000 unit!!

The Lions sit at a record of 0-9-1 taking on the 3-7 Bears. Most people probably wouldn’t bet a grand on a team that hasn’t won a game, but that’s the genius of the move… they are due!

Taking on Andy Dalton on primetime may be the Lions best chance of winning the rest of the season.

If you want to cheer on Trevor catch the live stream on Pro Sports Extra YouTube ( – or if you’re a jerk, or a Bears fan, you can tune in to watch the Lions lose (but they aren’t going to lose).

Preview of the energy coming your way:

Let’s go Trevor!! We believe in you and the Lions… well not as much as you believe in them. Andy Dalton’s a great guy but he’s going to get stomped today!

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