Lions Score Two Touchdowns In 41 Seconds To Complete Crazy Comeback

Written by Will

Interim Lions head Darrell Bevell just did something Matt Patricia didn’t accomplish once in his three years in Detroit, he beat the Bears. This game was a wild one and wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows for the Lions. Hell, this game looked over until the Lions got that strip-sack.

This Lions defense still stinks and will continue to stink. This defense got carved up by the league’s second-worst offense. The Bears started off the game hot, scoring on their first two drives to take a 9-0 lead.

The Bears led 9-6 after one quarter, thanks to missed extra points by both teams. The Lions couldn’t stop the run all game. The Bears average 82 yards a game, the Lions gave up 140 rushing yards.

The offense looked more aggressive. Matthew Stafford looked like his old self today. Making impressive throw after throw. Stafford finished the day with 402 yards on 27 of 42 for three touchdowns. I mean look at this throw.

Elite play right there. The Lions defense would give up another score and the Bears led at half 23-13. Now, fast forward to the second half. The Bears had control of this game, but they didn’t score once in the third quarter. That’s nothing new for the Bears, they have only scored once in the third quarter all season. Stafford made another impressive throw to get the Lions within three.

Stafford was money, he played differently today. Probably happy that he doesn’t have to be coached by Patricia anymore, but aren’t we all? The fourth quarter rolls around, and the Lions are down by three. But the defense let the Bears march right down the field and gave up one of the easiest touchdowns ever.

This game seemed like the Bears were taking control, the Lions needed a score to stay alive. Stafford made his only mistake of the day on this crucial drive.

At this point, it seemed as if the game was over. Hell, I for sure thought that was the dagger. But the Bears did what the Lions normally do, find any way possible to lose. The Lions and Bears went back and forth on some punts, then the Lions got the ball at their own four. Down ten, they had to put together a fast 96-yard drive, and that’s exactly what Stafford and the Lions did.

Now it was up to the defense. Normally, that doesn’t work out for the Lions. This game was far from normal. The lone bright spot Romeo Okwara stepped up and made a HUGE play.

The Lions proceeded to score two plays later.

Just like that, the Lions were winning. That was the first time the Lions led the whole game. Once again, it was up to the defense. The Bears dinked and dunked down the field and were in a good position to score. The Bears found themselves with a fourth and one with just 16 seconds left.

The Lions defense came up clutch! The Lions got the win and beat the Bears for the first time since 2017. This is the type of game the Lions normally find themselves losing heartbreakingly, but not today. Look, this game wasn’t special for the Lions, they stole one. But it feels good to finally have a win, especially that it comes against the Bears. Always nice to beat those scrubs. This game isn’t going to turn the season around, safe to say that ship has sailed. Still, feels awesome to get a win against a division rival after these past few weeks. Celebrate Lions fans! Just like the boss, Trev did!

We are back to owning the Bears!

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