The Lions have wrapped up their interview with 49ers defensive coordinator, Robert Saleh. Saleh has been the favorite to land the Lions coaching gig for a while now. Saleh is from Michigan and has been a hot head coaching candidate all season. The 49ers were ravaged with injuries all year on defense, missing multiple starters for every game. Despite all those injuries, the 49er’s defense still ranked in the better half of the NFL, 15.

Saleh has been impressive all year and he’s who I want the Lions to hire, which seems to be the case for most Lions fans. Regardless of who the hire is, we can’t jump to conclusion that he will be great or terrible. Well, I take that back, If they hire Marvin Lewis or a few other names, then riot. The point is everyone wanted Patricia and everyone thought he was going to be the man to turn the Lions around. We all know what happened to him. So Lions fans no matter who it is, take a breath, and see what happens.


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