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Lions CB Jeff Okudah Seen Intercepting Former Teammate, Rams QB Matthew Stafford, in Madden 22 Teaser Video

Written by Nate

The post-Matthew Stafford era for the Detroit Lions is looking to be off to a good start, and a teaser video for Madden 22 appears to agree.

Posted by the team’s beat writer for the Atlantic, Chris Burke, a teaser video for the video game shows Lions second-year cornerback Jeff Okudah intercepting a pass off his former quarterback playing for the Los Angeles Rams.

However, Burke did go to say in another video that the full video will show the Lions defense getting run over by Minnesota Vikings Pro Bowl running back Dalvin Cook.

Hey, Lions fans deserve to have some fun in what is looking to be a rebuilding season for their home team.

Who knows? It could be a sign that there could be an interception against the Stafford in the future for Okudah. Let’s see what happens during their matchup in late October in LA.

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