LOS ANGELES, TX- ABC announced the new reality show Work Harder is set to begin filming this fall. The network said the show will pit five famous LinkedIn influencers in a competition where they’ll have to showcase their strengths.

Sources say each influencer will work for Solid Rock, a Philippines based construction company. Conveniently, Solid Rock has five branches within the country and there will be one contestant working for each one. The winner will be decided by peer reviews, revenue earned, and a fan vote conducted on the ABC app.

Three contestants have been announced by the network.

“I’m excited to bring my talents to Solid Rock. Hopefully, I can instill in my future coworkers the same work ethic that has made me so successful.” 28 year old Jake Steele said.

Perhaps most notably known for being the only child of billionaire Max Steele, the 28 year old has already started 6 businesses with focuses ranging from makeup to Cryptocurrency consultation services.

“I’ve had to work very hard to get to where I am today. On LinkedIn, I’ve become the go to guru on all things business related. I practice what I preach.” Steele said from his penthouse in Las Vegas, NV.

Of Steele’s 6 businesses, the only business that has not gone bankrupt is his Cryptocurrency consulting firm. However, sources say the firm is under investigation by the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission.

Along with Steele, will be 25 year old Angela Horvath. Horvath is the daughter of the late Texas Oil tycoon Jack Horvath. Jack Horvath was the owner of Exxon until his death 6 months ago.

“Everyone wants to be rich but NOBODY wants to work for it anymore!” the 25 year old posted on LinkedIn last week. “My first job was Chief of Marketing and I HATED IT. So you know what I did? I worked harder and guess what? 6 months ago I became the OWNER of Exxon.” 

The third contestant announced by the network is 40 year old Shamus Johnson. Johnson, perhaps the most eccentric of the announced contestants, is the sole owner of Patty Productions, a Los Angeles based film studio. Johnson was married to the late actress Becca Stewart who grossed more annually than any other actress in the world. Unfortunately, in 2005 Stewart was found deceased at her home in Irvine. Despite having three gunshot wounds to the back of her head, Irvine police ruled her death a suicide.

“Back in 2005 when my beloved Becca died suddenly, I had two choices. Donate all her money to the orphanage she grew up in, or take that money and create a business. Obviously, you know my choice and now I can say thanks to years of hard work, Patty Productions is profitable.” Johnson posted on LinkedIn in 2018.

According to a FOIA request, Patty Productions earned $47,000 in the latest fiscal year.

Filming is expected to begin this fall.


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