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Lil Tay and Her Brother Both Dead After News Breaks Regarding Her Father’s Abuse

Written by Nate

Some shocking, breaking news for those following the influencer realm as both YouTuber/influencer Lil Tay and her brother were reportedly found dead Wednesday.

Born as Claire Hope, Lil Tay rose to fame for her controversial rap and viral video career on social media. Such videos she was captured in include showing off all her money and cars and shouting crude (and sometimes racist) slurs on camera.

Here’s the full family statement via BNO News on X:

However as the news slowly circulated through the internet, there has been some rumors regarding the untimely deaths of Tay and her brother, Jason Tian.

Back in 2021, a story revealed that Tay accused her father, Chris Hope, of physical abuse. Although she put in full custody with Chris with the assumption that the story was coached by Jason and their mom, she went silent on the subject and spotlight since then.

Now with the death storylines going around, there has been speculation that Lil Ray’s and Jason’s deaths were no accident. Down below are the posts regarding the abuse and rumor about their dad.

Both of their deaths remain under investigation at this moment. Lil Tay was just 14 years old.

UPDATE: confirmed by numerous reports, Lil Tay and her brother are both ALIVE. Per TMZ, Tay believed that her social media was hacked in which led to the fake death announcement.

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