Life of the Rich and Famous – Patrick Mahomes’ Misery

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: “Money can’t buy happiness.” This may be true but I’d rather be rich and unhappy than poor and unhappy. Also, those four words are only ever uttered by rich people. In any case, one thing is for certain Patrick Mahomes is now megarich and seems super unhappy.

He’s just not himself anymore as far as on the field production. I think it is because he is miserable. There are other factors at play here as well – new father, State Farm may be an underrated curse no one is talking about (new Madden curse?) – but it all boils down to having too much money in the bank. There’s no more grind needed, and his family is addicted to the spotlight and riding off Patrick’s coattail.

Patrick Mahomes needs to pull a Gary V and pretend his whole family is dead to him, at least until the season is over. He needs to channel his inner Aaron Rodgers from now until February 13th.

The Kansas City Chiefs are off to a 3-4 start, with wins coming against Cleveland, Philly, and Washington – not exactly the most impressive W’s. Mahomes has 18 passing TDs and 9 picks in 2021, which is honestly not bad for most quarterbacks but terrible compared to what we all expect out of Patrick. Mahomes needs some me time. Mahomes needs to step out of the limelight, just create a little distance between him and his twerking addicted family.

I mean, come on, he didn’t bother to look at the camera

Week 7 was possibly one of the worst Sundays to sit down and watch the full slate of games. Your team either did not have a game (bye-meggedon), played an uncompetitive game, or played a competitive game but has no shot at making the playoffs. Mahomes was our only hope for some fun on Sunday and he let us down. And yes his o-line stinks and Hill can’t stop tossing the ball to the other team. But Mahomes is making mistakes like we haven’t seen from him before. Must be hard to run for your life with all those money bags weighing you down.

We need Mahomes to be good because it’s fun. And no one wants to see Tom Brady waltz to his 8th title – at least make him work for it a bit. Not sure I’ve seen anyone actively root against Mahomes just yet – give him another 1 or 2 Super Bowl Rings and the haters will come out – but until then NFL fans need him to be a superstar.

Mahomes needs to figure out how to get his passion for the game back. He’s got ten more games to figure it out and no one is going to bet against Mahomes. This team may not have what it takes to make a run at a championship, but they have Mahomes and that’s all you need to have a winning/fun football organization.

Though I do think he just needs to register for the Giving Pledge or (metaphorically) murder his family.

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