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Le’Veon Bell Could Be Signing To The Ravens And Could Be A Nightmare To The Steelers This Year If So.

The Ravens are down bad with JK Dobbins and now Justice Hill going down with season ending injuries and they need help at RB, and who better than a veteran like Le’Veon Bell. Now I know he hasn’t been Steelers Le’Veon since he left he’s been just decent, but this Ravens team has an oline and he would have the opportunity to take control again at RB. Gus Edwards and Lamar are all they have as rushing weapons right now and the season is just days away they need to make up a decision.

I see Devonta Freeman getting the spot though too as he could fit right into the scheme they run. They could have his as a Mark Ingram type of back in him but he doesn’t have that game changing factor Bell brings. Don’t get me wrong I like Freeman more than Bell but I mean if Bell can come out like a prime version then we have a fucking skull fucker of a Ravens team again.

I really think Le’Veon would just come out with a vengeance knowing he has to play his former team he doesn’t like twice a year, I mean most great RB’s would be fueled by that I think. I also worry it could be just a big storyline for the games and he is a fumbled bag against the Steelers and just in general. I really hope that doesn’t happen and he signs to a team quick because upon seeing this news I was quicker than an addict sticking themselves to go and pick up Bell on my fantasy team. I hope he’s sharp and gets picked up and has a monster season and then I hope the Ravens get brutally fucked in the playoffs 🙂

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