Let’s Goo, Anthony Taylor Vs Chris Avila Is Happening For A Second Time But This Time In A Boxing Ring

Here we fucking gooo, Our guy Anthony Taylor is stepping back into a boxing ring on Jake Paul’s undercard but this time against a former MMA opponent Chris Avila. This is a great matchup in my opinion and a great backstory behind it, we have two guys who have fought before but in MMA(which my guy Anthony Taylor won) and we have Ant who is in Jake Paul’s camp against Chris who is in Nate Diaz’s camp, which could end up being a potential in the future. Anthony looked really good in his first ever boxing match when he faced Tommy Fury, a fight where Tommy had a huge height and reach advantage, had to cry about the number of rounds, all to barely beat Anthony by decision. It is a good look for Anthony just for surviving and doing the damage he did and it makes Tommy look worse for his upcoming fight. I’m guessing they are putting Chris against Anthony for the Jake Vs Nate Camp story and plus he’s on a little knockout streak but let’s get real here, Anthony already won once and has been training in boxing longer than Chris and he has more experience. I love the story and all behind it and I like both camps but this is nothing but an easy win for Taylor, more experience and just being a better fighter are going to be the deciding factor.

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