LeSean McCoy Calls Dak Prescott “Ass”

Former Philadelphia Eagles RB Shady McCoy blasted Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott while appearing on Fox Sports 1’s (FS1) “Speak.”

McCoy tore into Prescott after he threw two interceptions in the Cowboys 40-34 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

“Dak is ass, …” McCoy said. “This is the second game he’s just lost by throwing picks.”

“Dak Prescott has the easiest job … uh, the second easiest job. The first goes to Purdy and Jimmy G. with the 49ers. Great defense, run the ball very well, make safe passes. Dak has the easiest job in football!” McCoy continued.

“The picks he’s throwing, he’s not even trying to fit the ball through the needles or small little windows,” McCoy said. “These are like, easy passes. They run the ball well. What else can you do? I’m paying you $160 million, that’s how you play?”

I have that Dak Prescott is overrated. He is a average QB. Nothing special. Dak is another player that the Cowboys fans try to build up. I agree with McCoy’s opinion on him.

Photo courtsey of Sportskeeda

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