LeSean McCoy and RGIII are Twitter Fighting

We all had the misfortune of watching Russell Wilson cook on Thursday Night Football. That game is already being referred to by millions as one of the worst and most boring NFL games in history.

An image of Melvin Gordon giving a gassed Russell Wilson the side eye went viral.

Melvin Gordon appeared to give Russell Wilson the stink eye on the sidelines. Photo courtsey of the brobible

Former NFL QB Robert Griffin III (RGIII) was getting in his shots at Wilson on Twitter. LeSean McCoy saw RGIII’s tweet about Russell Wilson and went after him.

NFL fans are just sitting laughing at how badly RGIII got trolled out of nowhere. Also, for what it’s worth, Robert Griffin III had a 12-26-0 record as a quarterback in the NFL (43 TDs-30 INTs).

Robert Griffin III. Photo courtsey of David Becker/Getty Images

Photo courtsey of LeSean Shady McCoy -Twitter

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