Leonard Fournette and Micah Parsons beefing on Twitter

Written by Tony Ghaul

Leonard Fournette and Micah Parsons escalated their beef from the football field to social media. On Sunday night, as the Buccaneers were handling the Cowboys in their NFL season opener, Parsons was blocked by a lineman and Fournette came over and trucked him.

Pro Football Focus tweeted a replay of the video and Parsons was not happy. Parsons snapped and said: “Now go watch the tape! And see what happenned when it was me and him one on one!!! You hit someone not looking you straight pus**y !! Stop hyping this weak as* s–t it’s football!!” the Cowboys linebacker tweeted, adding laughing emojis.

Fournette responded with a GIF of the Crying Jordan meme. These two will not face other again this season, unless they meet in the playoffs.

It seems like Micah Parsons, like the rest of the Cowboys, worry about this nonsense, instead of winning games. The Cowboys clown show continues.

Photo courtsey of Larry Brown Sports

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