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Legendary ‘The Price is Right’ Host Bob Barker Passes Away at Age 99

Written by Nate

‘The Price is Right’ fans young and old are in some for tragic news this weekend as the show’s former host and entertainment icon, Bob Barker, has passed away.

He was just 99 years old.

Before joining the entertainment/show biz field, Barker was involved during World War II as a trained fighter pilot for the U.S. Navy.

After returning from the Navy, Barker landed as a host of NBC’s ‘Truth of Consequences’ before getting signed on to The Price is Right (TPIR) at CBS. He was also known as the emcee of the Miss America/Universe pageants for 20 years.

Barker went on to host ‘The Price is Right’ from 1972 to his retirement in 2007, only coming back sporadically in guest appearances to the show.

However for those who don’t watch the game show, Barker’s known for his appearances in movies and TV show. Perhaps he is remembered for famous fight with Adam Sandler’s character in the movie, ‘Happy Gilmore.’

Barker is survived by TPIR’s current host Drew Carey, the famous Bob Barker studio in Hollywood, and numerous fans from the game show. He’s preceded in death by his wife of 36 years, Dorothy Jo, and former announcers, Johnny Olsen and Rod Roddy.

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