LeBron’s Touching Message To Kobe Bryant is Fitting. Mission Accomplished.

Written by schultzyca

LeBron James posted a message to the late great Laker and icon Kobe Bryant following the Lakers winning the NBA Title. The message reads “Hope I made you proud my brother!! Love and miss you Champ!!”

A fitting message for Kobe as the Lakers accomplished what they set out for once Kobe passed away. I am sure a majority of people knew there was no way the Lakers wouldn’t win the championship after he passed anyway. LeBron wouldn’t let that happen it became a personal mission for him, and he would not stop until he accomplished his mission; win it all for Kobe, and Laker Nation who lost a hero. Simple, but fitting tribute for Kobe in a terrible year, with so much hardship and lose it feels as though it is only right that the Lakers won it all. I can’t believe Kobe really is gone and as I am writing this my eyes are swelling because Kobe meant a lot to me and so many other people. So for him to really be gone just doesn’t feel real. I am so happy for LeBron and Laker fans alike. Mission accomplished.

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