LeBron James is known for being the basketball version of Superman, someone who rarely gets injured let alone misses games, so this comes as a surprise to have LeBron go down against the Atlanta Hawks after only playing ten minutes. During the game LeBron tweaked his ankle by Solomon Hill, who many thought was a dirty play going after a loose ball.

After heading back to the locker room he was diagnosed with an high ankle sprain with the initial MRI results being negative. The timetable isn’t clear but it’s expected to be out indefinitely until his ankle gets back to normal. Anthony Davis is already currently out dealing with multiple injuries. Regardless, LeBron traveled with the Lakers to their next game in Phoenix, even though he most likely won’t play it’s still a good sign to see him travel with the team instead of staying behind with doctors.

It’s a shame to see any MVP candidate go down with injury, the current leader Joel Embiid was recently diagnosed with a hyper-extended knee and is expected to miss multiple games currently recovering, and now LeBron is dealing with his own issues. it’s gonna be interesting to see new faces pop into the race that before we didn’t consider. The Lakers supporting cast are going to have to step up to hold their current third seed in the western conference with the Clippers trailing right behind them. Before injury, LeBron was on pace to win another MVP if he continued to play as well as he’s been playing.


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