LeBron To Dallas Is An Impending Disaster

Written by BasketballBooGhan

There have been multiple reports going around that the Dallas Mavericks controversial star, Kyrie Irving has been urging the Mavs to explore a trade to get LeBron James to Dallas next season.

Understandably, everyone’s opinion were blasted in various social media platforms, including Kyrie’s as he has responded to a post that blatantly called him a clown on Twitter.

LeBron James is still under contract with the Los Angeles Lakers next season. The only way Dallas could get him is through a trade. The problem is that the Mavericks have little asset to do a valuable trade to get LeBron. But the million dollar question is that should they do it? 

There’s indication that Irving will re-up with the Mavericks this upcoming offseason and continue his pairing with Dallas superstar and all-world talent, Luka Doncic. But getting LeBron could do more harm than good to the Mavericks. The King will turn 39 next season with significant injuries within the past couple of seasons. While he could still perform and deliver at a high level despite his advancing age, he is not the same LeBron three years ago. 

His play significantly dipped in the playoffs, often relying on Anthony Davis and Austin Reaves to create for the Lakers offense. He is no longer as dominant as he once was and is best suited for a third option role on a contending team.

If traded to the Mavs, he will undoubtedly be the third option but at what cost? If Dallas gets him, it will definitely cripple their future as a franchise. While an Irving, Doncic and James pairing could be good on paper, none of those guys are elite defenders and teams could exploit that weakness whenever they face the Mavericks.

The best move for Dallas is to re-sign Kyrie and trade for a defensive minded big who could shoot threes like Indiana’s Miles Turner. If Draymond becomes available, that could potentially catapult their chances for playoff success next season. 

Irving has stated in the past that he wishes he never left LeBron and the Cavaliers years ago. It’s admirable that Kyrie is recruiting on behalf of the Mavs but the one he has on his mind isn’t the right fit for this team. People nowadays despise superteams and prefer teams to be organically formed through the draft like the Warriors and the Denver Nuggets. 

The Doncic and Irving pairing may have faltered late last season, but there’s a high optimism that they would be legitimate contenders next season if they continue their progress sans James.

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