LeBron went on his little show today and made a little joke about how if he could play for any playoff team he’d pick the Warriors. He’s been openly fondling Steph Curry for the last six months, so its pretty clear that Bron would rather be ‘hoopin’ (yo) with Steph as opposed to his current partner, Russel Westbrook.

My question is, how could LeBron give such a horrible answer to such a layup question? Golden State? Wrong Bronathan. Go Brooklyn instead.

Imagine this starting Lineup

PG: Kyrie

SG: Joey Harris

SF: Kevin

PF: LeBron

C: Rudy Gobert (acquired in Ben Simmons trade)

It now appears that LeBron’s only options were the Warriors and Celtics. My bad. Didn’t actually watch the clip. But am I gonna delete everything I just wrote? No.

If anything, that just means Brooklyn is even more on the table. I now expect him in black and white by 2023. Prob gonna happen. Gonna go tattoo a Larry O’Brien on myself now in anticipation. Go Nets!


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