LeBron James is the epitome of the phrase “prima donna.” Has there ever been an NBA player that has rubbed people the wrong way as much as this guy has?

During the 2008 summer Olympics, LeBron James was none too pleased with Kobe Bryant. according to Ian O’Connor, a New York Post sports columnist. In an excerpt from then Olympic team head coach and current Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski’s book “Coach K: The Rise and Reign of Mike Krzyzewski,” James felt that Kobe was playing selfishly in an exhibition match against Australia just before the start of the summer games.

“Everyone knew it,” one Team USA staffer says in the book. “They know when another player is being selfish. Players can police themselves, but in this instance, as LeBron was coming out of the game, he said to Mike, ‘Yo, Coach, you’d better fix that motherf–ker,’ as he walked by. He was talking about Kobe.”

Apparently Coach K did sit down with Kobe and Bryant was more than receptive to the criticism. The U.S. Olympic team went on to win the gold in 2008.

The irony of it all? LeBron can be seen below lying through his teeth about his favorite time with Kobe was during 2008 summer Olympic Games.


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