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LeBron James Seen Kissing Another Woman; Lakers Owner Jeanie Buss Not Happy With LeBron‘s Actions

Written by Chris Powers

LeBron James has not exactly had the best 2022. While he had a great 2021 with the release of Space Jam 2, 2022 is not shaping up the way he had hoped as the Los Angeles Lakers are dangerously close to missing the NBA playoffs.

Next year maybe James’s last year with the Lakers as he has made it very clear he would like to play with his son Bronny who is expected to be a high first round pick in the 2024 NBA draft. Lakers team owner Jeanie Buss may be ok with that as she recently had an interaction with James whereby she had to scold him.

You can read more about the Buss/James interaction below:

Again, LeBron James has not exactly had the best 2022. He certainly is not nearly as happy as this woman he was seen kissing eight years ago while he was still playing for the Miami Heat. For whatever reason during a game, James walked over to the front row and gave the woman you can see in the video below a kiss.

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