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This last week on LeBron James TV show, “The Shop:Uninterrupted” , James began to speak on various topics that have been in and out of the news cycle since he began his summer long booze binge after not making the NBA playoffs for the 2nd time in 3 years… (OUCH)

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Now, I am not here to crucify and victimize an addict. What I am here to do is come after LeBron for just putting his foot in his mouth more than Rex Ryan and his mistress. Absolutely crazy town to be frank with you.

Now most of what is spoken on within the episode all makes sense and falls into line. HOW THE FUCK EVER, LeBron James saying that if he was in Britney Griner’s shoes that he wouldn’t want to comeback to America……

Yes, let that sink in. This man CHOSE VLADIMIR PUTIN RAN RUSSIA (a country where they behead people for having free will) over the great USA.

Now I know we are flawed and that our criminal justice system is systematically racist and that P.O.C and the LGBTQ community have recieved some of the harshest judgements. None of that is justified but what America provides over any othe country is one thing. FREE WILL.

Because we are Americans we’re able to have arguments and disputes, we are able to make millions off of dumb internet platforms that really hold no importance. So yes Lebron can say all of these outrageous things but I’d love to see him and Vlad get together to discuss international commerce because Putin would laugh his ass out the door.

Lebron has since retracted his stated saying;

Chicken shit if you ask me. You made the opinion fucking stand by it. If a man is only as good as his word than Lebron isn’t worth DICK. I mean how do you say that it was taken out of context when it’s YOUR tv show, and you place the final thumbs up on everything. Fucking preposterous.

I really do wish the world would realize that not everyone needs to be super outspoken on things especially when we aren’t totally informed. (As I type this story after reading to news blerbs). Maybe we all just need to take a step back and check ourselves, because at the end of the day we all aren’t shit.


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