LeBron James goes OFF on Tyronn Lue

Written by AJ

We all know LeBron James is in charge in Cleveland, but did he completely disrespect Tyronn Lue last night in their game against the 113-105 loss Portland Trail Blazers. Cleveland has now lost their last six of their 11 games, and with their next game against Bulls, it will be interesting in seeing how their relationships is after this argument.

No doubt, that LeBron James is one of the greatest players to play the game of basketball; however, does that mean you can make a scene with the head coach as he did.

Absolutely not, if you have a problem with the coaching staff, or the decision they made and being a professional athlete, take care of that off the court. With LeBron James being possibly everyone’s mentor on the team, it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth about him after seeing the video.

Could this be the year we do not see the Cavs in the NBA Finals?

As a team, we always see in the Finals, is this a sign they might not make it there. Cavs are fourth in the Eastern Conference, with teams right on their trail.

With the Raptors having a great year and being first in the conference, I cannot imagine them giving up that spot. Right behind the Raptors is the Boston Celtics, which even after the early injury to Gordon Hayward, and others, they keep playing superb.

Cleveland’s greatest chance might be beating out the Pacers to get that the third spot in the conference. Also, remember the Wizards and 76ers are playing good basketball, so it will not be a cakewalk.

So if you are asking me that question, then no, you do not see them in the Finals.

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