LeBron James Deserves To Be Thrown In Jail

Written by austenlange

I really do try and stray away from talking about Lebron because it’s old and very hack. However, last night James assaulted a grown man on television.

Lebron James and Detroit Piston’s player Isaiah Stewart got into a physical altercation. This all began because the self proclaimed King went ahead and close fist assaulted Stewart at the free throw line.

As you can CLEARLY see Lebron instigated the whole mother fucking thing. The Washed King is pissy because his team of best friends (who suck) were getting skull fucked by the Detroit Pistons. Hell, I’d try and fight a motherfucker too, however Lebron needs to be sent to jail.

The league will do absolutely nothing to James all because of how much money his name is worth. The Lakers go to Detroit tomorrow, and play on national television this week also. No fucking way the NBA misses out on this cash cow and doesn’t let him play.

The NBA sucks and Lebron is a pussy, sign me up for 45 Isaiah Stewart jerseys STAT, need more guys like him.

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