LeBron James is arguably the greatest basketball player of all time. His skills on the court are second to none, except for maybe Michael Jordan. The man has played in countless NBA finals and has won 3 NBA championships. On the court, LeBron has accomplished everything you could possibly imagine. Whether it’s league MVP’s, finals MVP, you name it. The man has literally done it all.

One thing however that he does not get called out enough for is being a cheater.

That’s right. LeBron James is a cheater. Exposing a cheater is never something fun to do as a journalist. It’s awful to expose professional athletes for what they really are. Especially the ones that we grow up with looking up to. LeBron James is a role model to many people out there, and exposing him as a cheater is not something anyone would actually want to do.

But unfortunately, the time to do so has come.

A couple of days ago, LeBron James was caught delivering a fierce elbow to Isiah Stewart, completely breaking the rules of the NBA. The vicious elbow caused Stewart to bleed like a stuck pig. LeBron was caught cheating in public, right on the basketball court. One must think that LeBron’s family is embarrassed at how he acted on the court. You can watch the video of the incident below. What a bitch. Fuck that guy.


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