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LeBron James Caught Cheating Again; Russell Westbrook Takes A Popcorn Bath!

Written by Chris Powers

You hate to call anyone out on this, especially in the public eye, but it is what it is. Simply put, LeBron James, is nothing but a cheater that does not play by the rules.

In a game earlier this week, the self dubbed “King James” blatantly traveled in a game and the referees, despite seeing him commit the foul, did not call it. I then felt the need to do some more research and found an entire compilation of LeBron James cheating by traveling throughout his entire career.

I guess you can’t blame him if the referees are not going to call it, but you would think he would respect the game a bit more than that. Check out the video below to see the compilation of LeBron cheating his way through each game!

In other NBA news, star point guard of the Washington Wizards, Russell Westbrook did not have a great evening. Westbrook sustained an ankle injury and was headed to the locker room to get his ankle tended to. The Wizards were already losing by a considerable margin to the Sixers. While being assisted off the court, a fan literally dumped a box of popcorn onto Westbrook.

Of course, “King James” who feels the need to be the voice of all NBA players, had to comment on the situation.

I get it. What the fan did was not right and he certainly deserves to be ejected from the arena. But “protect our players?” It’s not like somebody was chucking batteries at Westbrook. He got a shower of popcorn on him. I could be wrong, but I assume that the popcorn did not injure him further.

So if the NBA releases the footage, what are you going to do LeBron? We know you love to travel. Maybe you can pay the fan a visit and tell him what he did what was wrong. Hopefully, the same fan will play the above video for you and you can see how bad you are the game of basketball since you can’t play by the rules.

The moral of this story is. LeBron James is a clown. No matter what the circumstances.

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