LeBron In His First Game Back From Suspension Hit The Sam Cassell Celebration

Written by schultzyca

He’s BACKKKKKKK LeBron is back like he never left. An he is back with a little flavor, and the Lakers need him. He is hitting big shot after big shot against the Pacers tonight to bring the Lakers back to .500.

This is the best celebration in sports its fun. Imagine if they did this in the NFL they would be arrested, suspended, and thrown in jail if they even tried to attempt this. LeBron hitting the Sam Cassell celebration, what does he want to get suspended again!?

What if being suspended pissed LeBron off that he is just going to become a villain again and destroy the league?

Villain LeBron is the best, it reminds me of when he was a Heat and he didn’t give a shit about anything. That is what is good for the league what everyone hates him and he knows but he doesn’t give a shit.

Literally LeBron hit every big shot the Lakers needed tonight and they needed it big time because if they spilled two games under .500 everyone would be losing their minds.

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