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LeBron Gives Up Being An Awful Teammate For Lent

Written by Jacob Nikolson

In Observance of Lent This Year, LeBron Gives Up His Poor Sportsmanship

Disclaimer: This is clearly satire, thank you.

For those of you that are Catholic (not me), or have friends that are (me) I’m sure you’re familiar with the tradition of Lent. Those those that don’t know what Lent is, it’s a religious observance that is kicked off on Ash Wednesday and usually ends before Easter Sunday. It’s also typically accompanied by the observer abstaining from a chosen ‘vice’ for that time.

Given some recent events that LeBron has put himself in (Such as being hostile to the media, or throwing his teammates under the bus before hypocritically doing just the thing he yelled at them for). King LeBron has decided to attempt a new leaf, and flip the script by being more compassionate for his fellow player and media personality.

I managed to sit down with LeBron and was humbled by the amazing opportunity to interview him. Remember this is a satire blog… Here were his words.

Jacob: So Lebron, while not of a Catholic background to my understanding, you’re observing this year’s Lent correct?

LeBron: Yeah.

Jacob: Such deep insight. So what are you abstaining from during this period?

LeBron: After much reflection, and talk with my PR team, I’ve decided to give up being a hostile teammate, on-court crybaby, and enemy to the media.

Jacob: Truly wonderful, and how do you intend to uphold this abstinence in lieu of possible losses in future games, studio recordings, or sports media set-ups?

LeBron: This interview is over, get out.

Jacob: What? LeBron! What about all you said-

LeBron: Nope thank you for stopping by see you later!

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