Lebron fined $15k For Nut Grab Celebration (Video)

Tonight it was announced that Lebron James has been fined $15,000 for his Sam Cassell nut grab celebration after hitting a clutch 3- pointer Wednesday against the Indiana Pacers. This coming in his first game back from his one game suspension after viciously assaulting Pistons big man Isaiah Stewart and then running away like a coward.

Shams Carania also reported that Lebron was also issued a warning from the NBA for his use of profane language during media availability in response to his one game suspension, the first suspension of his career.

Is Lebron suddenly trying to become a tough guy villain all of a sudden? Maybe a villain role could happen, but certainly not the tough guy part. The king ran away from Isaiah Stewart faster than Tyreek Hill running a 40 yard dash.

Lebron has been involved in all types of shenanigans lately. Obviously you can tell by my sarcasm in this blog that I am not a fan. I will admit though, Lebron was 100% right in having those idiot Pacer fans kicked out of the game Wednesday night. Witnesses have said that the two fans repeatedly kept screaming at him that they wish his son was injured in a car accident. Those kids were assholes. Either way, it seems Lebron is on a mission this year to stir some shit up and I can’t wait to see what ole King James has planned next.

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