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LeBron Bringing Ref to Eject Couple from Game Has to Be the Most Childish Thing Ever (Video)

Written by Nate

Okay unless there is a legit reason, this has to be one of the most selfish and softest moments that we seen out of the ‘King’ himself.

During overtime in an intense game against the Indiana Pacers, LeBron James was seen bringing the ref over hand in arm over to a couple fans on the courtside to have them escorted off the court for some reason. How he brought the referee to the couple left people cringe and puzzled.

Probably the funniest scene in the clip was the girl leaving courtside making a crying gesture over to him.

We don’t know exactly why LeBron got those fans ejected but some people believe it was because they yelled that his ‘Space Jam 2’ movie sucked—which honestly, they were not wrong.

However, James said postgame that he wanted them ejected because they were making ‘obscene gestures and language’ to him.

Yeah, sorry LeBron, but those remarks show that he’s completely soft! If he can’t handle the heckling out there, time to either retire or head out of the country to play ball there.

There will be fans like them in all sports, LeBron just needs to grow up and be a man that he should be. Just complete idiocy on his end.

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