Remember Khabib? You know, the Russian dude who snatched Conor McGregor’s soul and is arguably the most dominant fighter in UFC history? Well, in case you didn’t know, he’s retired. But, the good news is his mini-me is fighting tonight, Islam Makhachev. Islam is Khabib’s protigee, and he literally fights just like him, it’s almost like Khabib never left.

To this point, he’s been nearly as dominant as Khabib, not quite, but kinda close, and he’s a massive favorite tonight. At -770, he’s a ginormous favorite, and basically, the whole MMA world is expecting him to completely maul Thiago Moises, and he probably will. In all likelihood, Islam is gonna take him down a bunch of times and ground and pound him for 5 rounds in route to a 50-43 decision. Classic Khabib style.

The best part for me though is that Khabib actually corners Islam when he fights. I don’t know, man, just something about seeing Khabib inside of an Octagon gives me hope that he might actually come back someday, even though every indication is that he’s completely retired. Either way, enjoy a good ole fashion Russian beating tonight, and get nostalgic about the days of Khabib.


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