Woah, woah, woah! What do we have here? Jack Harlow is dropping a new album this Friday and somehow one of his songs have leaked. According to Jack Harlow it hurt his feelings that someone went and leaked this. Especially seeing that the song wasn’t done and according to him we will hear a new verse on this song.

Not only is it a song by him, it’s a song that features nonother than Drake!

“It hurt my feelings,” he said about the track getting leaked. “I’m really tight about leaks. I don’t bounce my music so I haven’t had leaks in a long time.”

He continued, “Like I don’t write to my music while I’m working on an album, like it stays in the hard… The only time we get to experience it is in the studio… I don’t export demos because then you have… because you write to it and you can’t change it because you get addicted to a verse… and I don’t want no leaks.”

Harlow mentioned that Drake was also sad about it but basically told Jack that everything happens for a reason.


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