Lawyer says he has nine clients with claims against #DeshaunWatson

Written by Jeffrey Iafrate

It’s been reported that Attorney Tony Buzbee claims he has nine clients who have assault claims against Deshaun Watson. Recently among all the trade rumors that’s been circling around Houston, some bad accusations have been brought to Deshaun Watson and his team. The full quote from the law firm is below explaining the situation.

“The Buzbee Law Firm has now been hired by nine women to bring cases against Deshaun Watson,” Buzbee said on social media. “The allegations are similar. We have filed three, and, as we complete our due diligence, will file the remaining ones in due course. We are talking to several others. Cornelia and I appreciate the kind words, and outpouring of support for these brave women who are wiling to come forward and be heard. No matter what you do in life, there will always be detractors. As my dad always said: ‘If you are right, go ahead!’ And so we go.”

Deshaun obviously has denied these claims and his agent came out with a tweet hinting at how they feel about the unfortunate situation. Sexual assault is definitely nothing to mess around with, but as long as the claims are accurate and not simply pursuit of financial gain it should be handled accordingly. Since so many women have came out it has given the NFL no choice but to look into the situation and see if they come to a conclusion.

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