Latavius Murray Released By New Orleans

Written by Robert McCarver

The Saints released veteran running back after he refused to take a pay cut just days before the season starts.

This was such an underhanded tactic done by the Saints to save some money just mere days before the NFL season kicks off. Murray coming off one of his best years could’ve been poised to see more snaps at the running back position as the Saints are without their best WR Michael Thomas for the first part of the year due to an injury he is dealing with. So starting running back Alvin Kamara will probably be used more at wideout because he has the dual-threat traits that help the Saints use him out of position. Murray averaged 4.5 yards per carry and 7.7 yards per catch last season which he saw the field on 22.2 percent of the offense’s snaps last season. He’s a vet that you can rely on and the Saints did and now he’s out of a job because the Saints were greedy about this entire situation.

While releases happen all the time in the NFL you don’t go to a player the week of the NFL officially starting and asking him to take a pay cut because you think you have the upper hand. The Saints could’ve easily gone to Murray early in the offseason and asked for him to take a pay cut and came to the same conclusion as today in doing so giving Murray a real shot to go to another team.

Now on the outside looking in Murray has to try to find a team to fit on when all NFL teams have their rosters set for the year until injuries happen. There needs to be punishment for teams that use underhand tactics like this on players because players are screwed royally on these types of decisions.

Was it right for Murray to be released like this? Should there be a rule against teams being able to back a player in a corner for a pay cut? Let us know!

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