Last Night’s Cowboys Loss Ripped My Soul Out

Written by Noah Gagnon

Waking up after last nights Cowboys game I’m met with the familiar feeling of early morning derpression/anxiety following a Dallas Cowboy loss. I know we performed better than expected last night, but I’m still just so sad, man. We had them. We were winning with 1:14 left against the reigning world champions and we looooosssssstttttttt. I don’t wanna continue with life anymore.

Yes there’s room for optimism with Dak playing well and the defense forcing some turnovers, it was against the world champs after all, but I just cannot get over this loss. We outplayed the Super Bowl Champions on the road in week 1, but still didn’t win. The Cowboys won the turnover battle 4-1, completely dominated time of possession, even got some help with Bucs guys getting injured, and still didn’t come away with a win. You have to pull that one out.

The only, and I mean THE ONLY, thing that’s keeping me from flinging myself off a bridge right now is the fact that this came against Tom Brady. Of course, he was gonna score in that situation, he’s been doing that for the last 22 years, why would he stop now? He’s done that to literally every team in the league at some point, so I guess it was just our turn last night.

The worst part about last night is that the boys played great, and I now have hope. Isn’t hope a good thing? No, it’s not. Not when you’re a Cowboys fan. Every loss is gonna hurt 10x more now, my stress is gonna be way up on gameday, and I just know that an extreme heartbreak in December or January is now inevitable. How bout dem Cowboys.

Oh, and if Greg the Leg isn’t cut by the time your reading this there’s a serious problem. Make a kick, dweeb.

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