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Las Vegas Raiders Parts Ways With Quarterback; Vikings To Sign New QB?

Earlier this week, it was announced that the Las Vegas Raiders were cutting famed pre-season quarterback Kyle Sloter, AKA Captain Folklore. Given the Raiders heavy investment in starting Quarterback Derek Car and back up Marcus Mariota, there was no reason to keep Sloter around.

At 27 years of age, Sloter has now played the Minnesota Vikings, Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, Chicago Bears, Arizona Cardinals and the Las Vegas Raiders. While he has become quite the journeyman quarterback, NFL fans alike have held hope that his next step will always be his last, but for some reason it never quite pans out.

One interesting fact about Sloter that most may not know, is that he has never thrown an actual pass in a regular season game. At 27 years of age, his in-game experience is very weak and the likelihood of him picking up a starting job is minimal. With that said, it appears there may be interest from the Vikings. While they currently have a starter in Kirk Cousins, there has been discussions about Sloter possibly returning and being a back up there. Since leaving in 2019, Sloter still has a firm understanding of the Vikings core offensive system and could be a solid addition as a 2nd string QB.

Could Captain Folklore finally find his long term home back in Minnesota? Only time will tell.

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