If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas your travels more than likely brought you to Fremont St. the place where everything is going on!

One performer who you’d regularly see on Fremont is Rock Out. Now.. it might be short for “Rock Out With Your Cock Out” – but on Fremont St. sizes of everyone are welcomed!

A simple walk through Fremont will show you that Rock Out is the last thing that’s weird about Fremont. And a google search will show you that he’s one of the most talked about performers.

Rock Out With My Cock Out Las Vegas - YouTube

Recently Rock Out whose real name is Michael Troy Moore had a live protest about Las Vegas Gov. Sisolak. Needless to say Rock Out isn’t a fan of the governor and Moore also thinks that he should be Governor as he ran for Governor in the past.

The Sisolak Sucks song

Michael Troy Moore challenged Steve Sisolak for office:

According to his YouTube channel he represents some of the talent that is on Fremont:

Now that you’re a little caught up. Yesterday Rock Out shared that he was fired by Fremont Street & City of Las Vegas! He has multiple lawsuits against them according to a recent Facebook post.

Rock Out went onto share his GoFundMe where he is asking for even a dollar to help him pay for legal fees. Rock Out belongs on Fremont St.

He’s an icon! [Click here to go to the GoFundMe]

“No court order to remove Rock Out just corrupt cops removed Rock Out under False Pretenses from Fremont behind 4 Queens and gave him message from the Governor and Mayor to nor come back because Rock Out has been informing Performers of their Legal Rights and general public with signs about Mask Exemptions!

Rock out is forbidden from performing by order of the Governor and Mayor”