LaMelo ‘Balled’ Out Tonight

Written by schultzyca

See what I did there? No, ok I will go away then. But anyways LaMelo Ball is probably the most popular prospect in this years draft class, and rightfully so the dude has been in the spot light since he was 14 and was committed to UCLA as a freshman. In his first two preseason games he had a lot of ‘flashy’ plays proving he is going to be very fun to watch in the NBA but up until tonight he did not have a high scoring performance. But then tonight happened LaMelo really did ‘ball’ out tonight scoring 18 points, 5 assists, and making four total three pointers.

LaMelo is going to be very good for a long time I think. From a marketing stand point he has everything; the swagger, the personality, the ability, and everything you need in for a face of your franchise. If you listen to how he teammates have been talking about him everyone wants to play with him because he makes everyone better, they say he is always happy, and he is an extremely hard worker.

Mark my words Miles Bridges will have a breakout season this year and it is going to be due to the fact he is playing alongside of LaMelo. They are going to be a fun pairing and Melo is my early pick to win ROY. He just has the ‘IT’ factor for me everything about his game is what you need in a point guard.

He has a lot of things you cannot teach, and a main factor of that is his playmaking ability. I thought Lonzo was the best passer in the league because his vision is crazy but his little brother looks like he is going to take that title away from him. The whole thing that is upsetting thing is LaMelo is not playing in a big market like New York so we won’t be seeing a lot of him on the national level. LaMelo would be the king of New York if he ended up on the Knicks. Now I am getting emotional.

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