LaMelo Ball Becomes The Youngest Player In NBA History To Record A Triple- Double. Hornets Start Him Now!

Written by schultzyca

LaMelo Ball is the youngest player ever to record a triple double; 21 points, 10 rebounds, and totaling 10 assists. LaMelo is for real and he is special no doubt about that. It is clearly his time and the Hornets need to start this moving forward. The Hornets drafted him to be the face of their franchise and he is ready to take on that challenge. LaMelo Ball forever.

He has been on a tear lately and he seems to be coming into his own and that is a very encouraging sign and looks like the NBA game is coming to him. I don’t understand how you cannot like LaMelo? Other than if you don’t like LaVar? LaMelo was the best player in this draft and he is going to prove that to everyone moving forward this season. He is a generational talent and he very well is going to turn the Hornet organization around. What a great night for LaMelo.

The fact he did this in less than 30 minutes and coming off the bench is wild. Every minute he was on the court it was like watching a highlight reel. He is can’t miss T.V and may be the best Ball brother! Rookie of the Year? We will wait and see!

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