It is being reported by Adrian Wojnarowski from ESPN that now free agent since his buyout, LaMarcus Aldridge plans to sign with the Brooklyn Nets who already have stars like Kevin Durant, James Harden, Kyrie Irving and Blake Griffin. It’s clear the league is coming together to defeat the previous NBA championship winner Los Angeles Lakers who just lost Lebron James with an ankle injury, and already have Anthony Davis currently out.

The Brooklyn Nets just recently signed Blake Griffin after his buyout with the Detroit Pistons, and just added another weapon. Their record stands at 31-15 and are the clear favorites to win the NBA championship. Most fans are definitely not a fan of the situation because it hurts the league in terms of competition, who’s gonna take down a team that deep of all-stars. We can only imagine how guys like Giannis, Kawhi, LeBron and even Joel Embiid feel..

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