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Lamar Jackson, NFL MVP Is Asking President Trump For A Pardon For Kodak Black |@Lj_era8 @KodakBlack1k #FreeKodak

I will side step the obvious grammatical error on a plead for a presidential pardon, because Louisville isn’t exactly known for their higher learning (shout out Ricky P). With the political landscape the way it is shaping up to be tomorrow as there is a contentious Senate confirmation for President, Lamar Jackson is rushing throwing his hat into the ring! The king of the NFL last year, and reigning MVP award winner is trying to do everything he can at the 11th hour to get his buddy out of prison. Big Truss.

What a move! You have to respect it if you are in the ‘ride or die’ crowd of folks, because using your platform to get your homie out of prison is instant friendship. Surely a man who shows up like this to his interviews was given an unfair shake!

Kodak Black addresses ending Hot 97 interview, monogamy and more on 'The  Breakfast Club' - REVOLT

With the world at peril, and the last days of quite a contentious election, I am sure the Donald will do everything in his power to throw his support behind the black community in a selfless effort like never seen before! Why wouldn’t he?

Now, I am not one to cast stones (except for every article I ever fucking write), but something tells me in a very Occam’s razor style, that a man who has an entire section (15 paragraphs on first glance) on his Wikipedia devoted to legal issues dating back to 2015, probably isn’t the best case for a presidential pardon. What do I know though, I am not a legal expert and do believe in second eighth chances! Whom amongst us hasn’t had several armed robbery and battery notches on the ole’ Gucci belt! I for one, will join the #FreeKodak movement. Turning them into a drug company from our world famous endearing nostalgic film/camera company is just ridiculous. #FreeKodak.

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