Lakers To Wear ‘Black Mamba’ Jerseys For Game 5

Ah, yes these beauties of a jersey. The Lakers plan to wear the jerseys that honor the late great Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna Bryant in what could be a series clinching game for the Lakers for their 17th championship. This is bad news for Heat fans, the Lakers are 4-0 while rocking those kickass jerseys. Every Time they wear them it seems like there is a sign from Kobe that he’s watching.

The Lakers have had the “Do this for Kobe” attitude during these whole playoffs. Now in their first chance to end the series the Lakers are pulling out the Mamba jerseys. This series already seemed like it was over, but now this just puts a wrap on the series. No way the Lakers lose while wearing these in their first opportunity to win the whole damn thing.

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