The NBA trade deadline this year is going to be an impending snoozefest. Rumors are definitely swirling but most of the teams are buyers, not sellers. The biggest names being dangled are Dejounte Murray of the Atlanta Hawks, Andrew Wiggins of the Golden State Warriors and Miles Bridges of the Charlotte Hornets.

Most contenders from both conferences are content to stay put while others are just looking for a few minor tweaks on their bench. The same can’t be said for the middle-of-the-pack teams though such as the Lakers, Mavs and the Warriors.

These three teams are desperately looking for an upgrade before the trade deadline ends. The Lakers are rumored to pursue Dejounte Murray but the Hawks understandably don’t want D’Angelo Russell because of Trae Young’s presence at the point guard position.

The Mavericks are eyeing several players to bolster their rotation such as the Hornets PJ Washington, Detroit’s Isaiah Stewart and Portland’s Jerami Grant. The problem is, that their current players don’t have much value in the market right now.

With the Warriors, they are actively shopping Andrew Wiggins but it’s quite unclear who they are possibly targeting in return. As we all know by now, Wiggins has lost a step or two this season but he has been playing well as of late.

They need all the help they can get this year as they are currently sitting outside the top 10 in the Western Conference. This once-proud franchise doesn’t want to enter a full rebuild despite the declining production of Klay Thompson and Draymond Green on the court as their organization believes that Steph Curry still has a few good seasons left in him.

With a few hours left in the trade deadline, expect that most of the teams in the league will stay put and be hesitant to do a major trade. Unlike other NBA seasons in the past where it felt like everybody had a chance to hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy, this year’s possible champions are as clear as the sky.

Photo Source: Dale Zanine – USA Today Sports

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