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Lady Steelers Fan Starts Brawl in Stands After Slapping Man in the Face (Video) #NFL

Written by Nate

Ahh, gotta love fights at sporting events again.

It appears that last night during the preseason game against the Detroit Lions, a couple Pittsburgh Steelers fans got into a brawl in the stands of Heinz Field.

In the video below, you can see a lady screaming at a couple guys in the stands (one tries to stop her) before slapping one in the face-in which ensues a fist fight between the three fans.

Let’s say the lady probably had it coming for the way she was acting towards them.

However, it was not the only time that a lady started fights at NFL preseason games lately. One fan at a Los Angeles Rams-Chargers game was seen instigating a brawl after she was seen throwing a beer at another.

Sorry ladies, but these last couple fights in the stands during games were all on you there. Videos on social media and in this post prove it.

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