Lady Gets Fired From Chipotle For Quoting Corn Kid Every Time Someone Asked For Corn; It Was Her First Day On The Job

Written by TrevStone

Everyone knows the corn kid by now, right? If not go look him up, the video is hilarious.

A song that ended up being made with it is viral, and now people are getting fired over it. Literally.

A recent caller onto BruOnTheRadio which is hosted by Josh “Bru” Brubaker explained how she might have an award for getting fired within the shortest amount of time, especially without trying to get fired.

Every time someone would come into Chipotle and order something with corn in it, she’d quote the corn kid. “IT’S CORN” and after seven or eight times her manager got fed up with it and fired her.

Imagine that happening on your first day? You go in trying to have a good attitude and make jokes with some people and you get fired. No warning either? I mean the least that could have happened was to get a warning first.

Imagine if she was told not to quote it any longer and she still just stood there yelling “IT’S CORN”?!

You can watch the clip below:


Comment how fast you lost your job 🌽

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