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La Creme de La Crap: Cowboys Shit the Bed in Blockbuster Blowout to Washington Team

Written by Mike Rickard II

In a reminder that plays that work well in Madden Football usually don’t translate well into reality, the Dallas Cowboys’ attempt at a fake punt was all it took to turn a somewhat even battle of the bums into a complete 41-16 blowout as Dallas went down in defeat. As discussed in my previous article, Should the NFC East Be Taken Out and Shot?, the once-mighty division is now comprised of teams that look more like cast-offs from the XFL than NFL players. However, on Thanksgiving night, it was the Washington team that was the less lackluster of the two.

On an inspirational note, kudos to Alex Smith, whose courageous comeback from a composite fracture that nearly croaked not only his career, but his life continues to remind fans of the power of sheer determination. Smith’s best days may be behind him, but he performed adequately at a time when Washington needs all the help it can get.

The best part of the game (besides the Cowboys’ atrocious gameplay) was Pat Buck and Troy Aiken’s commentary. It’s always fun listening to announcers do their best not to come right out and say what a crap game the fans have to watch or just how pitiful the NFC East is this season. The reality that a 4-7 team is on its way to the playoffs and both hilarious and horrifying and both announcers did their best to avoid the elephant in the room.

If you didn’t watch the game, you’re sure to see lots of replays of the greatest misses from this game. There’s something special about a blowout that rises to legendary levels (even if you’re a fan of the losing team) and this game should go down in the annals (or in this case anals) of history as a reminder of what happens when everything that can go wrong does indeed go wrong. If Jerry Jones hasn’t stuck his head in the oven yet, you can be certain it’s all he’s thinking of right now.

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