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LA Chargers GM: Contract Talks With Melvin Gordon Will Be Halted Until End of Season

Written by Nik D

Yet another NFL running back that may skip a full season due to contract concerns.

Former first round running back Melvin Gordon has not reported to the Chargers and now his team’s general manager has announced that the team will not engage in anymore contract talks for the remainder of the year.

This comes a day after the Chargers apparently gave Gordon and his reps permission to begin fishing for trade interest from other franchises:

This is the new trend with the upper echelon NFL running backs. Le’Veon Bell sat out all of 2018 with the Steelers and signed a four year deal with the Jets. This year it has been Gordon and Ezekiel Elliot looking for new deals and potentially sit out an entire season to get it (although Zeke may get a deal before the season starts).


It certainly sounds like Gordon’s days with the Chargers are numbered, as neither side appears willing to budge with less than a week before the start of the 2019 season.

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