L.S.U. & Ohio State are in a class of their own!!! Rest of the College Football Top 25.

Written by JohnnyB

1. L.S.U.: Nothing changed this week here at the top spot. Still have the best wins and dominate the lesser opponents. Bama week in 2 weeks.

2. Ohio State: It is my belief that the Big 10 belongs to the Buckeyes this year. I don’t see a let down game on the schedule and they are miles better then anyone else in the conference.

3. Penn State: My rankings have always been weekly. Well they are undefeated and beat a strong opponent last week. This won’t last because O.S.U. will embarrass them but for now based on who they have played and how they have looked the Nittany Lions at 3.

4. Oklahoma: Have been destroying the teams they should and beat a good team in a rival game. Tough game vs Iowa St in 2 weeks then @ undefeated Baylor for their tough stretch of their schedule.

5. Alabama: Tua is hurt and having surgery. I don’t think he’ll be back before the L.S.U. Game. They didn’t look good vs Tennessee without him, offense was lackluster. Their defense not their usual vaunting selfs. Bama is vulnerable but still undefeated.

6. Clemson : I have them here because I have to. I don’t think they are great, Lawrence continues to make bad decisions and Ettienne is now injured. They will still probably go undefeated but not a great team here.

7. Florida: Beat a good South Carolina team on the road in a monsoon after a loss. That show the Gators are a gritty team. Big game this weekend vs Georgia ending one of the two teams hopes for a playoff run. I like the Gators.

8. Georgia: Sloppy game albeit was played in a tropical storm. Something is off about the Georgia team that came into the season. Kirby Smart is holding this team and their talent back. Florid beats them this week ending a SEC championship game run.

9. Notre Dame: Rivalry game this week @night @ Michigan. The Wolverines are inept on offense but play decent defense. If the Irish go in and have dominating performance the the playoff picture could open up. If they go in look average and win a close one or lose the they are the same old overhyped ND.

10. Auburn: Contender? No Spoiler Yes! I think they could knock off one of the big three in the SEC. I don’t think they’ll get L.S.U., but could definitely get Bama or Georgia.

11. Oregon: Best team in the PAC-12. Only loss was no conference vs top ten team. If they run the table and the other top ten teams beat each other they could squeak in playoff.

12. S.M.U.: They are the best team in Texas with the best QB in Texas. Shane Buechele has a 3 to one td per int rate with over 2,100 yards already. If they run the table they will be in New Years Six, playoff no but they will be discussed.

13. Minnesota: I said three weeks ago that the Gophers will be 8-0 before their first real test. Well they are one week away from that. Could the Gophers make a magical undefeated run to the Big10 Championship and then the playoff? I wouldn’t bet on it, but would love to see.

14. Baylor: So they have only played one ranked team, but they beat them. They have soundly beat every other team except for rival Tech. Undefeated is undefeated, but Texas and Oklahoma are looming down the road.

15. Cincinnati: Only loss coming to one of the best teams in CFB. Good quality wins over top 40 teams. Offense is very potent and defense forces turnovers.

16. Wisconsin: Drops very far down because you can’t lose to Illinois. I forgot they had a team in Champagne. I mean wtf Badgers that’s just embarrassing.

17.Utah: Good team, needs to win their conference games, but the PAC-12 teams are all so alike.

18. Wake Forrest: Are using this down year in the ACC to look good. Beating teams they should, they might be the hope to knock off Clemson.

19. Appalachian State: Undefeated team with a win vs ACC opponent. If App State goes undefeated they would have beaten an SEC team as well. That’s a resume good enough for New Years Six.

20. Texas: They aren’t back. Yes they beat the teams they are suppose to, but can’t beat a ranked team not a top ten team just a top 25 team. Texas just isn’t Texas.

21. Iowa: A team that beats up on the teams they should but can never beat the big boys even when they are down. I mean just a little above average team.

22. Iowa State: Yes they lost to instate rival, who I think they are better then and will be ranked higher then in the end. They lost to undefeated Baylor as well. Two losses that weren’t as, also could make some noise and shake up the Big12 if they pull some upsets.

23. Memphis: Great offensive team and controls their own destiny in the A.A.C. Best S.M.U and they could be celebrating New Years in style.

24. Boise State: Yeah only one loss, but they haven’t played a good team all year. You just can’t lose to B.Y.U it’s just bad.

25. Navy: The Midshipmen’s loss to Memphis doesn’t look too bad. If they can win out and pull a big upset @ Notre Dame and beat S.M.U. They could still have a Cinderella season.

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