L.S.U. O.S.U. Bama; Who’s number 4?

Written by JohnnyB

1. L.S.U.: Well this week is the test. Will Burrow have his Heisman moment? Will the L.S.U. defense step up and shut down Tua if he plays and the WRs? Will L.S.U. finally get over the Evil empire?

2. Ohio State: The only team in college football who is guaranteed to make the playoff. They will run through the rest of their scheduled teams, maybe Penn State gives them a scare and would have to be perfect. The best QB, RB and DE all with Heisman aspirations.

3. Alabama: Will Tua play this week? If he does they have a shot to win this weekend. Will the best coach in college football have the team ready after the bye to beat their rival? I never like betting against Saban, but it will be hard without Tua.

4. Baylor: Now maybe this is a bit of a stretch or is it. They are undefeated in a power 5 conference with good quality wins in their division. Now they have the best teams coming up and could run the table. You rank the teams based on this year and not the name or the past.

5. Penn State: Undefeated team in a surprisingly very good Big 10. Tough matchup this week @ undefeated Minnesota, they win that they are right there and control their own destiny to the playoff.

6. Minnesota: Again maybe a reach but undefeated is undefeated especially in a power 5 conference. Schedule has been soft but they have a chance to erase that narrative this week and the week after with tough opponents in Penn State and Iowa.

7. Clemson: Still haven’t lost a game and are blowing out really bad teams. They will win the ACC easily and probably make the playoff. I just haven’t been impressed with their schedule at all and Lawerence has taken a huge step back. Ettienne is a dog though, best RB in the country.

8. Georgia: Best of the one loss teams and controls destiny to win the SEC conference. Proved that they have a great defense and their offense finally took the governor off and threw the ball down the field. If they win the SEC championship they make the playoff.

9. Oregon: Best team out west and have been dominating most of their opponents in the PAC-12. Only loss was to a good non conference opponent. If teams start beating each other at the top they could squeak in the playoff.

10. Oklahoma: A great offensive team who as clear holes in their defense still. They do control their own destiny if they can beat Baylor twice they will win the Big 12, I don’t see them getting in the playoff at all.

11. Florida: Has a good win over Auburn and they played the two teams who will probably play in the SEC championship game. Played both of those games really tough. Good solid team just couldn’t beat the best of the best.

12. Utah: A good team with quality PAC-12 wins, but will lose to Oregon at least and probably get clipped by another PAC-12 team. Johnson has been playing great at QB though.

13. Auburn: Would probably be in first place in every other conference in college football. They just can’t beat the cream of the crop in the SEC. They will blow out whatever Big 10 school they play in the outback bowl.

14. Memphis: Won arguably the most exciting game of the year vs. undefeated S.M.U. They proved they can score and score a lot. In the drivers seat for a New Years Six game.

15. Cincinnati: Are in the same spot as Memphis. They control their season if they can beat the Tigers in Memphis in late November. Their only loss was to number 2 Ohio State. This is a very dangerous team and that should be a hell of a matchup.

16. Wake Forrest: Looked dominate this week with a blow out win over N.C. State. They need to not overlook the Hokies this week and then shock the world and knock off Clemson that would make things very interesting for the Demon Deacons.

17. Wisconsin: Has 2 bad losses one to a mediocre Illinois team and then the blow out vs Ohio State. Have a few quality wins and have a schedule that could get them to a BIG-10 championship game.

18. Michigan: That loss to Wisconsin hurts bad but the Penn State loss doesn’t look that bad. The Notre Dame and Iowa wins are big and if they knock off Ohio State it’s a whole different Michigan season.

19. S.M.U.: Played in the most exciting game of the year this past weekend and came up a little short. I still think Buechele is a great QB and whatever bowl game they are in vs a power 5 team they will win and win big.

20. Kansas State: Have 2 losses that they could have won if they had played their best football. That is backed up by the dominating performance vs Oklahoma. Might be the best two loss team in the country, and have the best win in the country.

21. Notre Dame: Is an average team that has the name behind the jersey. Best win over Virginia and Tech should have beat them, it’s time to hire Urban Meyer.

22. Iowa: See above opening statement minus a quality win at all. Good team not great just average in a good conference that you have to rank them.

23. Indiana: Have a loss to Ohio State who is awesome and lost @ Michigan State not horrible either. Have a great offense and good enough to shock the world and beat either Michigan or Penn State coming up.

24. Navy: One loss looks better and bette to a great Memphis team. No one likes playing Navy and the option game. They could win out and be 11-1 damn good team with a good year.

25. U.C.F. : Having a good year, loss to Cincinnati looks better while they keep winning. I wouldn’t want to play them in a bowl game tough team to scheme against.

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