L.S.U. King of College Football Top 25!!!!!

Written by JohnnyB

1. L.S.U.: With wins over Texas and Florida, and an offense to finally go with their always great defense L.S.U tops the list.

2. Ohio State: Still unproven, but the proof is in the tape. Playmakers and draft picks all over, their first sorta test this Friday night vs Northwestern then their schedule ramps up.

3. Oklahoma: Passed their first big test of the year with rivalry win in the Red River Shootout. Hurts looking like a real Heisman contender.

4. Alabama: Haven’t really had a difficult game. Just like OSU though players everywhere especially on offense, defense can be exposed though.

5. Wisconsin: Taylor looking like a real Heisman hopeful. Are they for real? Can they beat the big boys? Was Michigan win good or a mirage?

6. Penn State: Good win @ Iowa, it’s always hard to win at Kinnick at night. The Big 10 big boys all start playing each other the next few weeks.

7. Clemson: Just have the easiest schedule of any of the real playoff contenders. We don’t really know how good they are or will be. Lawerence looks shaky and predicable this year but they are still unbeaten.

8. Florida: Tough first loss @ L.S.U. coming off of a big SEC win. They control their destiny in the SEC East, they win out they are in title game.

9. Georgia: They just didn’t show up to play an early kickoff vs South Carolina. They looked disinterested and overlooked the Gamecocks. Good thing for Georgia they control their destiny to SEC title game. They win out and it will probably come down to The Worlds Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party vs Florida.

10. Notre Dame: Beat Rival USC who isn’t the same USC as most years. Game too close for comfort. They still have a dominant run game and a good defense. Will be in top ten until the end of the year.

11. Auburn: They have the good win over Oregon earlier in the year. I just see this team getting beat up by the better SEC schools coming up. Will finish with at least 3 losses.

12. Oregon: Controls their season in the PAC 12. Only loss was first game neutral site vs Auburn. May have outside playoff chances if they look dominant in wins and teams fall out.

13. Minnesota: Look maybe this is too high for them but they are undefeated and are in the Big10 so lose a game and I’ll drop them but for now they have a good defense and their weapons on offense are up their with everyone in the big ten, Row The Boat Gophers.

14. Baylor: Undefeated with their biggest tests to come in the Big12. Hell if they win out they’ll make the playoff.

15. Missouri: With only loss coming early in the year and their big games to come, believe it or not they also control their own SEC East destiny. Now is it a long shot for them to make it yes. If they can somehow beat Georgia and Florida they are playing in title game.

16. Michigan: Offense is still shaky mostly because of QB play. Defense looks like a great Michigan defense. Win out maybe outside playoff chance still.

17. Utah: Good Utes team, but this is where the good PAC-12 teams start knocking each other out, tough stretch coming lets see what happens in a few weeks.

18. S.M.U.: The Mustangs are the best looking group of 5 team left. I don’t think they could get higher then top ten but would love to see them go undefeated and hear people argue about them.

19. Boise State: Will go undefeated 100%. Have the weakest schedule of any top 25 team that’s why I don’t see them ever getting above 15 in the country.

20. Arizona State: Have the best non conference win of all PAC-12 teams. Just like Oregon and Utah though all the teams start playing and beating a high other. Let’s see what happens in 3 weeks.

21. Cincinnati: Only loss was to number 2 OSU who blew them out yes, but they have looked great besides that game. A spread offense with playmakers at WR and a solid defense that gets turnovers they could win the AAC.

22. Texas: My problem with Texas is yes they are a good team. They just can’t win a big game, losing to both L.S.U. and Oklahoma. If they win out they will have a shot at redemption vs Oklahoma and will have to win it.

23. Iowa: Read above. They are the Big 10 Texas. Just can’t beat the best teams they play while feasting on the bad teams.

24. Temple: The Owls play gritty football on defense and can run the ball. They proved they have the team speed bs Memphis to play and win the AAC championship.

25. App State: Undefeated on top of the SunBelt and have a win vs in state UNC who took Clemson to the wire. Showing love to a team who doesn’t get a lot and can play with anyone in the country.

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